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Auto gas saver definition
There are a huge number of gas torches in use around the world. From a practical viewpoint we can also see a considerable amount of gas wastage. We therefore offer equipment for reducing the consumption of fuel gas and oxygen ; it is called the“ auto gas saver”

Auto gas saver operation principles
The gas and oxygen valves and spark ignitor are opened simultaneously by a micro switch, when a torch is lifted by hand from the 'rest arm'. Therefore an operator can offer the torch to the spark ignitor and ignite the main flame ready for the brazing, soldering or welding operation. The spark ignitor will close after 'T'seconds. At the completion of the work cycle, the torch is simply replaced on the 'rest arm' and the main flame will extinguish.

Major specification

Moder no Ignition method Control method Mixed gas Size Weight Remarks
100AGS-06 Spark ignitor, only Electronic Gas/oxygen or Gas/air 110W x 100L x 260 mm H 4.5kg Approx. Mixor included

Auto gas saver advantages
Cost saving
It is possible to minimize costs by ensuring that the gas flame is reduced quickly when not using a torch manually.

The cost of the unit is soon recoverd by savings in fuel gas consumption. It is also simple to install and operate.

Once initially set, the repeatability of flame setting is guaranteed when changing from rest to main flame etc. ‘After sales service’is readily available and maintenance is easy, due to the spacious layout of the internal components in the control box.

The unit has been fully tested and the design modified as a result of hours of durability testing. The prime concern was the protection of all electrical and electronic components from the effect of gas fume and flux etc.

Design appeal
A simple appeal from a compacted body design and electrostatic powder painting and screen printing.

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