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brazing torch kit

- Brazing torch kit

Digital torch kit components
The digital torch kit consists of two units, auto gas saver unit and auto gas control unit etc.

The gas saver unit incorporates electronically operated valves for the on/off switching of gas/oxygen or air etc, also for the supply of gas to the pilot flame.
Also included are the torch hanger unit and electronic PC board etc..

The auto gas control unit is a gas, oxygen or air controller, for maintaining a constant pressure of gas and oxygen or air, even if the pressure is changed on the primary supply.

We can also control a strong or weak flame by timer with one controller.
It consists of a process control unit, pressure sensor and transmitter unit, continous control valve unit etc and gives easy control and constant pressure.
Also, it includes memory unit for various heating position and heating time.

Brazing operation procedure

Digital torch kit advantages
“Easy use” torch
The torch is simple and light. Also, easy to handle. It is one-third of the weight of a normal torch unit.

Easy to braze, weld, solder, mould glass
Any operator can use this unit with ease because of the flame setting with the digital controller and heating time alarm function.

Heating timing alarm and signal light function
An operator can set the heating timer to auto flame change with alarm, from strong to soft, after “T” sec, and also can do each heating time for upper / low brazing positions with signal light colors.

Cost saving / economy
Included in the gas saving function.

Strong / soft flame change function
The torch flame will be changed after “T” sec from a strong flame to a soft flame.
There are two reasons ; one is to allow the operator heating time for alloy feeding,
and the other is to give a good post heating after alloy feeding with a soft flame.

Digital torch kit