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In 1987, SK Brazing was formed as a division of EAC (A USA/Korea Company) located in seoul, korea and the current SK Brazing was bought by the present owner, in 1993.

Today, SK Brazing is recognized as one of the world's leading company in the production of brazing, soldering & welding systems and providing metal joining technology.

We offer a complete range of brazing and soldering services including materials, automation and technical expertise.From simple shuttle machines to complex, fully automated systems incorporating robotics, material handling, etc.. SK Brazing has designed and built automation solutions for most industrial applications, and we pride ourselves on the craftsmanship & quality found in our equipment.

SK Brazing can also offer a full complementary range of products and services including - alloy selection, flux selection, brazing methods, automation methods & an education service, all supported by our renowned technical expertise. Our literature will show that we have our own factories complete with brazing research & education facility, situated in Bucheon and Siheung city and therefore easily accessible to customers from all over the world.

Although we have a very broad technology range we have tended to specialize in the air conditioning and automotive industries (especially radiators and heaters). Brazing and soldering machines are purpose built to customers' requirement and specification which is why our manufacturing capacity is sometimes limited. You, the customers are involved in all stages of development through manufacturing, testing and inspection of your machine.

For more information about our company and brazing/soldering processes, simply contact us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you

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